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Animal Feed Supplement
Calf Saver™

Calf Saver™ logo

What is it?
CALF SAVER™ is a cost-effective feed supplement that is designed for calf growers who want to control scours in young calves.

CALF SAVER™ is composed of a specially formulated solution that, when administered as recommended, is an effective tool in promoting animal health.

Is it safe?
CALF SAVER™ is an animal feed supplement, NOT a drug or medication. CALF SAVER™ requires no withholding time and shows no indication of drug residues. CALF SAVER™ may be used in conjunction with other products.

Calf Saver™ gallon size
If you are not completely satisfied with the
results of the CALF SAVER™ product contact Livestock Products, Inc. for a full refund.

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