Calf Saver™
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Calf Saver™
For ordering info or questions call
Livestock Products, Inc. or contact one of
our territory representatives...

Livestock Products, Inc.
P.O. Box 277, Cressey, CA 95312
Phone (209) 564-8416

Veterinary Service, Inc. (209) 722-7600

Price $38 + S&H: For 1 gallon (mixes with 320 gal. of milk)

Price $150 + S&H: For 1 case (4 gallons)
(mixes with 1280 gal. of milk)

Larger quantities and volume discounts available by request.
No sales tax required.


CALF SAVER™ Animal Feed Supplement
is produced and distributed by
Livestock Products, Inc.
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