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October 1, 2001

CALF SAVER for Raising Calves

The dairy business is one that is challenging. One of the most demanding of your abilities is the care for the newborn calves that occur on a daily basis. The most critical period for that baby is the first two weeks of life, primarily because they are unable to defend against viruses and bacteria on their own. Calf scours are always a constant battle for the people caring for these helpless babies.

At the end of last year we began using CALF SAVER in the new baby calves' milk and discovered that the problem of scours in the first two weeks was practically eliminated. We were dumbfounded by the use of this product and how well it functioned to reduce and eliminate scoury calves.

Not only is the need for additional medicine reduced or eliminated, but the mortality rate was reduced tremendously while making the task of raising those little babies much more rewarding and fulfilling. By not having sick babies that require extra attention and care, their appetites are significantly improved making the feeding procedure a pleasant task instead of drudgery.

One of the side benefits that we notice is the weight gains on these calves since we started using the CALF SAVER in their diet. Primarily we noticed that the calves do not set themselves back those first couple of weeks dehydrated by the scours as before. The calf starts out healthy and stays gaining without these setbacks caused by those nasty scours.

The calf-raising segment of our business is now much more rewarding not only financially but also more fulfilling to see these babies healthy and ful of spunk as nature intended for them to be.


Joaquin Contente
Contente & Company Dairy

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