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We have used the Calf Saver product for the last five months on all calves less than one month of age. During this time there have been 11 total deaths of calves before three months of age.

In the same five month period of the previous year, without using the product, death losses totaled 23 in calves before three months of age. In this comparative period we experienced a preliminary mortality rate 137% higher than our treatment period (23:129 vs. 11:147). Logically, morbidity during the treatment period has been improved as rate and duration of scour cases are reduced.

4/23/02 Update: Since our last labor turnover in November, we've had 150 calves born. Three died within the first few days of life due to congenital problems, and one died of pneumonia. So far, we've lost zero to scours, in the last six months.

Joseph Vierra
Operations Manager

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