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  Calf Saver™  
Calf Saver™ animal feed supplement is so effective in calves that it is recommended by dairy farmers and calf feeders from across the West.

Nothing we can tell you means more than what comes directly from the people who use Calf Saver™ in their own agri-business. Look through the testimonials below and see for yourself what they say.

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"CALF SAVER has cut our mortality rate in half. We very seldom lose a calf anymore. We are real pleased with the produce."
Leroy Souza, P & L Souza Dairy
Hilmar, California

"The calves look in very good shape and we haven't had any problems with scours."
Dennis Dunlop, Grassland Dairy
Kuna, Idaho

"With CALF SAVER we have seen fewer cases of scours; and the scours that we do see are less severe. Our mortality rate has been cut in half among our high risk calves and our older calves are no longer coming down with pneumonia."
Delores Reed, DJR Livestock
Meridian, Idaho

"Since I've started using CALF SAVER I have not lost a calf. I've never seen a product like it. My initial concern was that it was expensive, but when compared to the results it is well worth it."
Jim Mensonides, Faith Dairy
Roy, Washington

"I would encourage anybody to try CALF SAVER and see the benefits for themselves, and you will agree that CALF SAVER is a very economical and effective product."
Letter of recommendationCarol Borba, FDB Holsteins
Escalon, California

"This stuff really works. We've seen a dramatic decrease in scours. My calf feeder can't say enough good things about it. I would recommend this product to anyone raising calves."
Frank Faria, Faria Dairy, Inc.
Escalon, California

"I give it to all of my calves. It does a great job taking care of simple scours. I have had less dead calves since I've been using CALF SAVER."
Gary Anker, Anker Dairy
Visalia, California

"CALF SAVER has cut down on my medication costs. I'm not using any medicine at all. The calves are more aggressive to come out to drink and aren't as dehydrated. The calves seem happy."
Bernard Bapista, Wade Farms
Dexter, New Mexico


"We hardly ever get scours anymore. I haven't seen calves this healthy. I think it is because of the CALF SAVER product. We are happy with it and it works for us."
Nelson Faria, Faria Dairy
Lovington, New Mexico

"We don't get the scours anymore. We were off the product for a short time and we immediately saw the difference in the calves. They do much better on CALF SAVER."
Steve Marquardt, VanderStelt Dairy
Kuna, Idaho

"CALF SAVER is the best thing I've ever used in my life. I've had some good success with it."
Eddie Terra, Terra Dairy
Cressey, California

"The price I'm paying for CALF SAVER is definitely a good investment. If all of my investments were as good as CALF SAVER, I'd be making a lot more money."
George Nunes, Marcrest Holsteins
Merced, California

"My mortality rate has dropped from 7 percent to 4 percent since I started using CALF SAVER."
Tony Duarte, T & A Dairy
Elk Grove, California

"One of the side benefits that we noticed is the weight gains on these calves since we started using CALF SAVER in their diet. The calf-raising segment of the business is now much more rewarding not only financially, but also more fulfilling to see these babies healthy and full of spunk as nature intended."
Letter of recommendationJoaquin Contente,
Contente & Company Dairy
Hanford, California

"By using CALF SAVER we have significantly reduced the number and severity of incidences of scours."
Letter of recommendationScott Magneson, Magneson Dairy, Inc.
Ballico, California

"Morbidity during the CALF SAVER treatment period has been improved, as rate and duration of scour cases are reduced."
Letter of recommendationJoseph Vierra, Cressey Holsteins
Livingston, California

If you are a Calf Saver™ user we would love to hear from you...
We appreciate receiving customer feedback, so tell us how Calf Saver™ is working for you!

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