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CALF SAVER Testimony

We have been using CALF SAVER on our calves since February 2001. We are using 3 PPM of CALF SAVER in raw milk, which is fed to calves from 2 days old through day 21. By using CALF SAVER we have significantly reduced the number and severity of incidences of scours. The mortality rate during the four-month period was 1% compared to 8% during the same period the previous year. The mortality rate is not the only benefit we have seen. The other is with fewer scour cases the number of treatments with antibiotics was reduced, as is shown by the trial described next.

In this trial we wanted to find out how many fewer treatments were needed. Every other calf born was given milk treated with CALF SAVER. All treatments were recorded and after four weeks the non-treated calves had received a total of 102 treatments while the calves receiving CALF SAVER required only 73 treatments — which is a 28% reduction. The severity of the scours in the non-treated group was so bad that four calves eventually died. After four weeks we started all the calves on the CALF SAVER treated milk.

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