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  Try CALF SAVER™, the animal feed supplement
recommended by dairy farmers and calf
feeders from across the West!
What is it?
CALF SAVER™ is a cost-effective feed supplement that is designed for calf growers who want to control scours in young calves.

CALF SAVER™ is composed of a specially formulated solution that, when administered as recommended, is an effective tool in promoting animal health.

Is it safe?
CALF SAVER™ is an animal feed supplement, NOT a drug or medication. CALF SAVER™ requires no withholding time and shows no indication of drug residues. CALF SAVER™ may be used in conjunction with other products.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you are not completely satisfied with the results of the CALF SAVER™ product contact:
Livestock Products, Inc. for a full refund.

Calf Saver™ gallon size
How do you use it?
Begin using CALF SAVER™ on newborn calves and continue until the animal is one month old or to weaning. The chart below provides recommended amounts to add to calf milk.

CALF SAVER™ is designed to be used as a daily supplement for desired results and not to be used as a responsive treatment for scours.

CALF SAVER™ comes in dissolvable bags and is reconstituted with clean cold water. It is then easily added to the calf milk that is at or below 105ºF.

Available in:
CALF SAVER™ can be purchased in gallon bottles or in larger quantities for calf ranches.

Specific Reactivity with Proteins – Cysteine, tyrosine and tryptophan:
These amino acids which can be found in the protein coating of many pathogens, react with and are degraded by the active ingredient in Calf Saver. By degrading this protein coating, the pathogen's ability to attach itself to the host calf is inhibited and is effectively inactivated.

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Call or email today... Experience the results
of this amazing feed supplement
for yourself!
1 gallon 320 gallons
1/2 gallon 160 gallons
2 ounces 5 gallons
12 cc 1 gallons
6 cc 1/2 gallons
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